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Hey everyone,

Firstly, I would like to thank you so much for all of your support and love. I started this blog in July trying to kid myself that it was purely just to keep up with writing before starting my MA. However, now I can openly admit, I just wanted to blog and I was worried it would not be received well. Surprisingly, b24.ca6.myftpupload.com has reached forty nine countries and I have received so many messages asking me questions and giving me support which I love. For my last blog of 2016 I have decided to answer some of the questions I received before heading into next year. Here goes..

  1. Where did my blog name (Educating Mummy) come from? Well I am a student (still) and I am a Mum. I am always learning from my children and also from university. So quite simply, I decided to combine both of these and hey presto- Educating Mummy.
  2. How do I juggle everything? I would like to be quite modest here and say oh not very well but I think honesty is the best policy. Quite truthfully, I manage my time well. Monday – Wednesday I am at university and the remaining days I am with the family as I am currently on maternity leave. After I get home from university I am usually shattered as I have a two hour commute but I attempt to complete essays and prepare for mum life (bottles, dinner ect). I rely greatly on weekly meal planners, family calendars and excel spreadsheets for my essay deadlines. I always attempt to have an essay completed and modified at least two weeks before the deadline in case there is a family emergency such as chicken pox because I do not want to be stressed.
  3. Do I miss Oscar when I go to university? Of course, I do. When I first went back to university I doubted my choice and even debated quitting but once I got into the swing of studying I began to enjoy studying and now I enjoy the break. Oscar gets to have one full day with just his Dad and other two days my lovely Mum has him which I love.
  4. Where do I buy the children’s clothes from? I have always shopped big. When I say big I do not mean expensive I mean high street opposed to small shops. I usually shop in next for both of the boys as I think the quality is amazing and the prices are really reasonable. However, in 2017 I am looking to shop small as I want to support more local and personal brands. Also, I get a lot of  Oscar’s clothes from my best friend, her beautiful baby is seven months older than Oscar so it is very handy:)
  5. What camera do I use? Luckily, I got a Fujifilm xt-10 with an additional lens which is XF35mm F2 for my birthday. I am thinking about getting a new fish eye lens soon!!
  6. Why is my Instagram full of baby/children pictures? Because they are so beautiful!!! I love taking photos of the kids. Oscar unlike Milo can not decline a camera lens. He is so natural and so happy. On the other hand, taking pictures of Milo is not as easy! If he is not in the mood for pictures, it totally shines through in the photo so there is no point pushing the subject. In 2017, it will probably be the same. I post pictures that I like and that is usually of the children.
  7. Am I going to do any make up blogs? To be honest, I have never seen myself as a makeup blogger. I mean I am always looking at make up blogs and tutorials and trying to copy their skills which I quite clearly do not have. But, I have got a few ideas for makeup blogs in 2017 (with a bit of a twist).
  8. How long am I going to blog for? How long is a piece of string? I thoroughly enjoy writing and the topics that I am interested in are not drying up yet. If there are any topics you’d like to ask me about or like me to talk about. Feel free to message me.
  9. How do I set up my own blog? Setting up a blog is not easy, I was given a lot of help. So to be honest, I do not really know the greater details of creating a blog. I am sure trusty You Tube will have some videos of step by step blog making. All I would say is that, you need to enjoy writing as well as taking pictures:)
  10. Can you make money from blogging? I have been blogging for six months lol. I do not make any money from blogging and this is not the reason I started out. I enjoy blogging and that is it.

Thanks so much for heading down to my FAQ. I know I did not answer all questions but I will try to answer the rest privately. I will be posting pictures on Instagram over Christmas but this will be my last blog of 2016 so I can focus on family time. Again thank you so much for all of the support. I have just started my pinterest account so head over to the side bar and click follow.

Have an amazing end to your year.

Lots of love

LTB xxx

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