Ever felt like a rubbish parent?

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This blog was not on my agenda but tonight I have gone in to Milo to tuck him in and I ended up cuddling him and feeling really sad. Its the classic story. I couldn’t wait for bed time and when he was in bed I was like oh Milo, I love you.

Have you ever felt with a crap parent? Ever felt that you could of done better that day?

Because that is exactly how I just felt. I feel that as he is getting older, maybe more cheeky and more feisty our fun time is clouded with constant battling with Milo in comparison to year ago.

Milo is now breaking boundaries more than ever and is answering me back or as some may like to call it being inquisitive. I sometimes like to see that Milo is thinking about what I am saying to him and questioning me because that shows he has his own thoughts but sometimes when I want something done I do not want an answer back. I suppose Milo needs to learn that there is a time and a place when you can answer back and when you can not.

Milo is only six but sometimes the questions and answers he comes out with I think he seems so much older. Quite often or not his speech and sayings will mimic ours and he totally understands when to use things in the right context “Excuse me I don’t think so” he says to Oscar as he tries to break his train track for the 100th time.

As children are always learning I do not want to break his personality down by saying don’t answer back all of the time so sometimes I really need to bite my tongue but sometimes when I have said no to something ten times already I really get fed up. If you know Milo, you will know he was always the most obedient little child before. But now he is not. Now I question myself. Is it soley his age? Is it because he doesn’t have all of the attention?

I really try to make Milo think about what he is doing. For instant instead of just saying No don’t do that. I try to say was that clever? Was that a good or bad decision?  But I am running out of patience. I am not saying that Milo is (I hate this word) naughty. It is just his behaviour has become more challenging. I mean it is not all bad. We play fight, cuddle, watch films together, read, etc but I am repeating myself constantly and it can become really really tiring. Is anyone else’s child like this?

Is it me? Am I doing it wrong? I mean I know people say that there is no right or wrong way to parenting. But after studying parenting, child development, future prospects of children there actually does seem to be a right and wrong way (Look at my previous parenting styles blog). Maybe I am over analysing myself (as usual).

I feel like at the moment this blog has little structure and I am actually jotting down my thoughts as they sporadically enter my head and that actually brings me on to my new venture that I would love to tell you all about.

As you all know I am a weekly blogger. Aiming to post 1-2 posts a week on different topics such as parenting, lifestyle, food, holidays and so on. I will be starting up Educating Mummy’s Diary. This is whereby I will be jotting down what I get up to, my highs of my days and of course my lows. Maybe if something has pissed me off I will be venting and likewise if something has got me jumping for joy too. I will not at the moment set a number of times I will be posting a week but what will be will be.

As you know blog posts are usually centred around a topic and sometimes I feel that I would like to just update you and actually vent to myself really whats be up in the day. For instance when Oscar shit in the bath. I mean I didn’t really want to put that on my gram but I also did no want to dedicate an entire blog about it. You know?

I will let you all know where it is going to be hosted. Maybe on my blog? Maybe separately. I will let you know when I know. If you had any advice as to where I can host it. Let me know

Lots of love

Educating Mummy

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