Easter Fun

On most occasions such as Easter, Halloween, pancake day and so forth I try to spoil Milo and the other children in my family. I like to make an effort with decorating and arranging games and fun things for them to do because quite frankly we did not have it as children. To give it to my parents, there are six of us of all different age ranges so it may have been slightly more difficult. Also, my Mum does like to point out that when we were younger, events such as Halloween were not celebrated as elaborately in the UK (unlike now).

So for Easter this year we decided to party in the park. The weather has been so lovely so we thought why not. Oscar’s birthday is on the 15th May however, we decided to celebrate it at Easter as I have exams beginning soon and my last exam is on Oscar’s actual birthday then after this, M is going away on a tour so this was the last time we really could celebrate with the family.

So this year instead of doing an easter egg hunt, I organised a treasure hunt around the park as I thought this would last a little longer (time wise). We did this as a team opposed to doing it separately to make sure we stayed together and it was a joint effort for the children. I tied travel tags around the park that linked eight locations with each other that finally led to the treasure. I printed out sheets for each person with pictures of the locations on (e.g play area, pond, green gym etc) to help locate where the next clue was. Eventually the kids found the treasure and the kids all got a bag of sweets each from inside which they were all thrilled about.

It was such a lovely setting and it was so nice for all of the kids to be outside, having a picnic, climbing trees, playing football and just running around together. We also, played the egg and spoon race, not real eggs though. Instead, we used really cool plastic ones from Sainsbury’s that had a pretend yolk inside when it was dropped and cracked. We made the adults do this too which the children loved. Oscar of course, did not play any of these games however, he did manage to sit on the grass for a few minutes of which he has not managed to do yet. Are any of your children scared of grass?

We got a lovely cake from Dinah desserts that was perfectly themed with mini eggs and it tasted delicious. We sung Happy Birthday to Oscar and to be honest he was just surprised everyone was singing at him.

I hope you all had a great weekend and Early Happy Birthday to you Oscar. Have a look at the video below of our lovely day.

Lots of Love,

Educating Mummy



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