Do your children like school?

So the children are back to school this week. I’ve seen on Instagram, many children who are so excited to go back to school yet I have not seen anyone commenting that their children do not want to go back.

This has got me thinking if your children like school? Do they enjoy it? Would they rather be at school than at home?

I know that through doing my teacher training that children will quite often display to their parents that they do not want to attend school and may even cry at the gates but once they are through that door and they can no longer see their parents/carers they have a blast.

Milo would definitely prefer to stay at home with us. He says he likes school and his favourite things are maths and lunch time. Before my teacher training, it did worry me a little that Milo would prefer to stay at home. But now seeing it hands on with other children I really can assure you that usually when the children go into school they are happy.

I know of course there are cases where bullying may be happening and for sure children may not want to attend because of that but Milo’s school teachers have always assured us that Milo is completely fine within school and we have had no issues with his friendship groups. When he comes out of school he is always happy as well which is reassuring he has had a good day.

I always ask him what he has been up to at school and his usual reply is we had lunch and play time. We did literacy lol. And then when we go in to see his leaning books we see they’ve had awesome experiences, such as: the London fire brigade visiting them with their fire engine, authors coming in to give them talks, making milk clay and much more fun fun stuff of which he never tells us.

I do not think its a bad thing that he wants to stay with us, he obviously loves spending time with us which is cute. Sometimes, I wonder if he is fronting about going to school but he never kicks up a fuss to not go into school. He had a vomiting bug this year and had to be off for three days and he really could not wait to get back to school.

He always wakes up earlier than us, he gets dressed happily and travels to school in a good mood. But when he arrives to school, he often gives a million kisses (which we should not complain about) and clings on for extra hugs of which the other children do not do. I think it is the initial separation for Milo that he does not like. Sometimes, it can make you feel guilty but I know that once he is in he is fine.

I just wanted to write this blog to reassure parents of whom experience the same as me.

Milo is not excited to return to school but that is ok.

Lots of Love



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