I put out a poll on Instagram asking if your children did chores. Two thirds of you stated that your children did chores and one third of you stated that your children did not.

Some people messaged me stating that their children did not do chores because they are children and should not be responsible for them. Some of you stated that your children do chores, in the terms of being responsible for their belongings and also some of you stated you wish your children did but you did not know what age appropriate chores were. 

In our house, Milo does chores. But when I say chores, I do not mean that he has a broom and cleaning brush attached to him every day. For us, we ask Milo to tidy and clean his room once a week and he has been doing so since he was 6. This includes tidying all of his room up, cleaning his sides down, and hoovering it. 

Prior to Milo doing chores, I used to clean his room throughly on a weekly basis. But what I noticed was that actually his room was always so messy by the time it got to the end of the week. And I found that he was not bothered about his room being messy as much. But since he has started doing his room himself he holds more responsibility for it. He cares for it during the week and tidies up bits and pieces throughout the week so when it gets to the weekend it does not take as long. 

Around the house, Milo does not really do a set list of chores per se but recently I have asked him to help me to dry up and hoover the mat in our porch. So very minor tasks but I personally think it allows him to understand what us parents do on a day to day basis. To be honest, usually the job is better done myself but we think that by introducing little tasks into our house for Milo it can promote some independency and responsibility for his own surroundings. He doesn’t feel like he is hard done by and usually takes up around 20 minutes of his whole weekend helping with those tasks.

When I was younger, I did chores. I did not feel negatively towards them. I did them weekly and I saw this as helping my parents out. 

As for age appropriate tasks I think that differs per family. For me, I think I have embedded tidying up into both Milo’s and Oscar’s lives already. Oscar is 2 and a half years old and after we have been playing I will always ask Oscar to help me out with putting the toys away. He likes to put his dirty clothes into the dirty basket before bath time and he loves to help me with using the hoover.

As for Milo, as I said he helps out with him room and now takes pride in it since I handed over the reigns to him. Of course, I will every so often take everything out and sort through what is old and what can be donated to charity or handed down to Milo. I guess as he gets older I may ask him to hoover the stairs or what not but we are not there just yet. I am happy with how we do it and I guess that is the main thing.

What do you think about chores? Should children do them? If so, from what age? Do your children do chores? Do they mind?

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