Children and technology

I mean the term ‘screen time’ is that even relevant any more.  There are way more screens in everyone’s homes now’a days in comparison to when a family had one big fat television in their living rooms.

 In our house we have, phones, iPads, computers, laptops, televisions, kindles and a whole heaps of cameras (they have screens). Lets refer to this blog more of technology time. How long do your children spend using these items in an entirety of a day?

Milo would spend every day, all day on his technology devices if we let him. He really would. I feel in two minds with it. I honestly do. Sometimes, I worry that it may be bad for him. May kill his creativity and his ability to socialise in the ‘real world’ (wow I sound just like my Mum- old). I mean I only think this because of the headlines in the papers really.

 But when I see what Milo has created on the game ‘Minecraft’ he really does amaze me. I look at everything he has created and it mind boggles me. If that is not creativity then I don’t know what is. Ok, granted its not anything he can hold in ‘real life’- there you go that term again. But what is wrong with that?

Am I from the generation whereby I was told that being creative is making, sticking and painting something? Am I stuck in the times where although I understand technology more than my parents I am not fully accepting with it all?

 I think it may be embarrassment. When I started my recent degree, some parents who are on my course laughed at children having their own YouTube channels. Please note that these parents were around the same age as my parents. And even though their children loved watching YouTube videos of kids unwrapping kinder eggs and unboxing their toys they would never let their children be on the other side of the screen. But why?

 Is this because this was not normality for them as they were growing up? I think possibly this is one of the reasons. Of course, there is the issue of children being safe with the use of technology, which I completely agree with. But if things are monitored correctly and your children are spoken to then surely you are doing your up best to keep them safe.

My son keeps asking me for a phone. Yes he is 7 but his cousin who is 8 has one so of course he wants one. My instant reaction is no. Of course not. Why would a seven year old need a phone? But then I battle with myself. Why does a seven year old need a Go Pro, Laptop and iPad? What is the difference between the phone and any of the other items I listed? Ok so a phone is portable. But so are iPads. I take them with us, at times when we go out.

I think some people look down on other people because of the way they use technology with their children. Whether it is used at the dinner table, in a restaurant, in the hairdressers, and so on. I think what we need to remember that every parent has their struggles and if they need to use an iPad to babysit their child whilst they get the dishes done or in order to eat their meal without getting heartburn then so be it!!

There are advantages to technology of course. Children can learn so much, colours, shapes the ability to solve puzzles, coding and so much more! I think that these advantages are often forgotten about. Also, I know that in Milo’s nursery they were using iPad’s from the age of three so they were already preparing the children for the use of technology. A lot of Milo’s homework is set online so he needs to be able to work his way around a computer.

I feel like I should be ending this blog with the conclusion that technology is fine but in moderation. But why should it be within moderation? Why can’t we just decide as parents how long our little ones use technology. Can we stop being judgemental to other parents, as we are all different? What works for me might not work for you.

 Do you agree?

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