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English as a second language.


Living in London and teacher training in schools within London has made me realise how many children have English as a second language (EAL). Now, as an adult having the ability to speak more than one language is really looked at as an advantage. We look at those with the ability to speak more than […]


Do your children like school?

So the children are back to school this week. I’ve seen on Instagram, many children who are so excited to go back to school yet I have not seen anyone commenting that their children do not want to go back. This has got me thinking if your children like school? Do they enjoy it? Would […]


Penalised for being a parent

Have you ever felt that you was being penalised for being a parent and doing your parent duties. Whether you are a Mum or Dad, have you ever felt bad about calling in sick to work or in my case to university for skipping a day or so to care for your little one? This […]


A private life?

A private life? Is there such a thing? Are you an advocate of one? I guess that the majority of my followers have social networking but I know that some will be open accounts and yet some will be private. What does the word private mean to you? Do we, as parents have to have […]


My Career Plan

So if you have been following my journey so far you will know that I handed in my undergraduate dissertation about a week or so before I gave birth to Oscar. I had the summer off (5 months) and I headed back to university to complete my Psychology Masters. I have finished all my modules […]


This year has been hard.

So this year has been very difficult. Starting my new course has been much more difficult than I anticipated. Although I studied psychology modules in my undergrad, it was completely different information in comparison to the Psychology modules I am studying now. This year has included learning how to use new software and also using […]


Diagnosed with dyslexia as an adult.

Around 1/20 people have some degree of dyslexia and around 4% of those are severely dyslexic whereby it effects their life on a day to day basis. It may not always be  obvious when an individual is dyslexic and that is why sometimes people get overlooked and are not diagnosed until they get older. When […]


Back to university

So I have just gone back to university and the feeling is bitter sweet. Whilst I love studying and getting fresh stationary, Oscar is only twenty weeks old and I feel so guilty and worried leaving my little bundle of joy. Admittedly, when I initially applied to my MA I underestimated how little Oscar would […]


Educating Mummy

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After leaving school at sixteen, I never imagined that I would attend university, especially as I was not the star pupil at my school. A short while after giving birth to Milo, I decided it was the perfect time for me to concentrate on getting a career that I had always wanted but thought I […]