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We had a babysitter for our wedding

We put our hands up, on our wedding day we needed help with Oscar We decided to book a babysitter for the majority of the day (1pm-9pm) to put our mind at ease. It allowed us to relax and to ensure that our parents were not running after a baby all day. Oscar is so […]


Gender disappointment

When I found out I was pregnant with Oscar everyone thought I wanted a little girl. You know the classic, oh you have a boy already you must want one of each of course. However, for me this was not the case. I did not long for a girl all I wanted is a healthy […]


Children and technology

I mean the term ‘screen time’ is that even relevant any more.  There are way more screens in everyone’s homes now’a days in comparison to when a family had one big fat television in their living rooms.  In our house we have, phones, iPads, computers, laptops, televisions, kindles and a whole heaps of cameras (they […]


Uber Apps for babysitting

I know how difficult it can be trying to go out with friends, to events and with your partners. We have especially been met with this challenge recently as Mum is poorly she has not been able to have the kids. Our social lives has declined rapidly and to be honest there has been no […]


The illusion of having parenting on lock until you have the 2nd!


When Milo was first born, as I have mentioned before we implemented a strict bedtime pretty much immediately. It really worked well with us and we were thrilled. There were a few hiccups due to moving and also because we would put Milo in our bed every morning for a few hours extra sleep. But […]


How many times can I go to the doctors?

So, Oscar started nursery in September 2017. He settled in nicely (better than Milo) and I was so positive about everything. I know people say children that start nursery at a young age need to develop their immune system but oh my. Oscar has had enough sicknesses and trips to the doctors and A&E to […]


Baby blues was worst second time round.

So although I felt ready for the arrival of Oscar and I already knew how to do all of the baby stuff I really did suffer with baby blues a lot more the second time round. It sounds naive but I did not think that this would be so. Looking back I have reflected on […]


Leave my children alone

When Milo was born, he had fair skin, he had blonde(ish) hair that often looked ginger because of all the oil we slapped on due to cradle cap! He had blue eyes and he was quite bulky. It started pretty much immediately. The comments and the questions. “Is he going to get darker?”. “Will he […]


Grandparents as the caregiver?

With the nursery prices rocketing sky high, Grandparents are stepping out of the world of retirement and are regularly looking after their grandchildren. Ok, granted looking after the kids is not actually classed as an official job but lets give some credit where it is due. Looking after a child, whether it is your own […]


Sleep walking


Sleeping walking AKA somnambulism. It is suggested that approximately 20% of children would of sleepwalked in their lives. Children usually grow out of it before they hit puberty but it can continue into adulthood. So a year or so ago, Milo began to wake up in the night time. He didn’t cry or want to […]