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I’m back and I’m better


Hey guys, I have been absent on here. My blog. The place I started. The place, I have voiced a lot of things. Very personal things. My opinions and lots more. I’ve wanted to write on here for a while now but I often wonder if what I want to say is too little for […]



I put out a poll on Instagram asking if your children did chores. Two thirds of you stated that your children did chores and one third of you stated that your children did not. Some people messaged me stating that their children did not do chores because they are children and should not be responsible […]


Gender neutral lifestyle?

Gender neutral language, is there such a thing? Speaking to my Dad about topics such as this he thinks are nonsense and absolutely silly to even speak about. But, I am super passionate about gender neutral everything as you may know. But what is gender? Before we get into it some people believe quite simply […]


Who calls in sick?

It is coming to that time of year, whereby many of our children are getting either the sickness bug or a rotten cold and high temperature. Of course this means that children aren’t able to go into school and nurseries which can create great friction within households. And it really gets me thinking about who […]


Potty training

Just a little blog to speak about our potty training experience with Oscar so far. Not to blow our own trumpet but is is going really well but to be honest it was not expected. We started potty training at the beginning of June, two weeks after Oscar turned two. He started asking us to […]


Living with a travelling partner!

Jade and Jade Cover

This week I have teamed up with two lovely ladies. Firstly, we have Jayde Chorlton, a mother to two beautiful twin boys and secondly, Jade Arif a mother to four happy children and expecting another one later on this year!!  A three way collaboration is pretty amazing too as you can gather different opinions and […]


Pocket money!

Do you give your children pocket money? I know for Miles this was not a normality in his household. He would get money when he was going out whereas, in my household growing up I got money every week regardless of whether I was going out. Orgninally M was quite confused as to why Milo […]


Insta Mums


Insta Mums Social media can be so powerful now. I see companies using influencers on social media over the traditional adverts in magazines, as influencers seem to gain a better rapport than a bog standard advert can. I think this is truly amazing as for myself personally, I prefer to see actual Mum’s discussing products […]


I want another baby!

People often ask me “anymore baby planning?” and they are often shocked by my response. YES, I would love one more baby!! I never thought, I would have many children. I come from a family of six and Miles is an only child. I always said I did not want a big family as I […]


Do your children like school?

So the children are back to school this week. I’ve seen on Instagram, many children who are so excited to go back to school yet I have not seen anyone commenting that their children do not want to go back. This has got me thinking if your children like school? Do they enjoy it? Would […]