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Is blogging a ‘proper’ job?

I started blogging in July 2016. It has been nearly two years now and to be honest I am a little shocked and quite proud that I have committed myself to this! Whilst I never expected to have the amount of followers I have, I am very very grateful for the support and love of […]


Self Harm with Yasmin Elizabeth


When people hear the term ‘Self harm’ they instantly think of people physically marking their skin.  However, self-harm comes in many forms. People drink, take drugs, stay in bed for days on end, they don’t eat, they over eat, they self-destruct in many ways. It can be a tough subject to speak about and it […]


Trolling with Rebecca Lamb

If you are not familiar with what ‘trolling’ is I will give you a short definition. Trolling: Being an absolute low life by messaging people abusive and arsey comments via the internet    Why do people do it? I am not entirely sure what people feel that they get out of trolling. I mean they make […]




If you follow me on Instagram, you may of noticed that I went to Mykonos over the weekend. It was in celebration of one of my best friends hen parities, or as the people said on the island- bachelororette party! The choice of hen destination was a complete surprise to Ash (the hen). She allowed […]


17.02.18 – Our Wedding Day

It has been a month since we married and we have just received all of our photos. We are so pleased with all of them. We really wanted a natural photographer, someone we would not notice being around. We had very few staged photos which meant we really could enjoy most of the time with […]


Why we took our children on honeymoon

If you follow me on Instagram, you would of known that we took our children on honeymoon with us. When I posted a picture asking whether my followers would take their children on their honeymoon with them, the general consensus was ‘HELL to the NO’. I guess, it is each to their own. It would […]


Break the traditions.


When we started to plan our wedding we instantly knew we did not want it like everyone else. As discussions begun with my parents, it was apparent that they had certain expectations of how a wedding should be and they did not match ours. I hate the word normally or traditionally, as I do not […]


Can us Mums be sexy?

When I became a Mother, I really fought with my identity. I was 20 when I gave birth to Milo and I really wanted to prove to people that although I was a young Mum I had my shit together. I worried about the clothes that I wore in the sense that I wondered if […]


You’re not ‘mixed race’

I personally know from my childhood that people can be very nasty and so inner about where grandparents and parents are from. My Grandfather was Jamaican , born in Jamaica and then moved over to the UK to study and to secure a job. When I say Jamaican, he was not a white man. However, […]


The C word

When you hear the C word. What do you think about? For me, I think death. Even though actually everyone I know of whom had suffered from cancer has survived. Maybe it is because we are always told to look for lumps and bumps in our body incase we have any signs of having it. […]