Can us Mums be sexy?

When I became a Mother, I really fought with my identity. I was 20 when I gave birth to Milo and I really wanted to prove to people that although I was a young Mum I had my shit together.

I worried about the clothes that I wore in the sense that I wondered if people would look at me in a strange way if I wore a denim knee length skirt? Would they criticise me? I was quite often in leggings, jumpers and jumpers.

I felt as though people looked at me because I was young already and I didn’t want to give them another reason to look and stare at us. So I covered up and totally dressed like the typical mum stereotype. I am not saying I wanted to continually wear skimpy clothes but I really thought about my clothes way more and not because of practically but because of judgement.

As Milo got older, I begun to feel as though I was able to express myself a bit more. My confidence grew and I was less worried. I realised people would stare at me regardless of what I was wearing so I had to live with it.

Since I started blogging and when I changed my profile to open, I have definitely felt more in the firing line for criticism. Whether it be because of my children’s appearances or what I get up to when on holiday!

Of course, it is my choice to have an open profile and some people think criticism comes with that territory. But why should it? Why is it ok for people to slander you because of the way you look or maybe the way you act. Surely if you do not like what you see, you should just unfollow.

Recently, I have seen Mums on Instagram being grilled for making an effort with their appearance whilst being a mum and I think it is totally ludicrous. Although my confidence has grown heaps since I was 20, being a blogger and so forth has definitely made me worry about what is right and wrong. What can I post? What can I not post?

This brings me on to whether Mum’s can be sexy? Can we? Are we allowed to post pictures that may show a little more leg than normal? Would it be ok if your profile was not open? I mean at the end of the day, yes I am a mother to two children but why does that mean I can not be stylish too? Why should it be a problem posting endless amount of selfies. Can I wear clothes that are short and tight?

I am a Mum, but I am still me. I should be allowed to have fun, twerk, party, dress as I wish, have a break, go for dinner, be drunk within feeling as though I am going to be criticised and judged about it.



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