Break the traditions.


When we started to plan our wedding we instantly knew we did not want it like everyone else. As discussions begun with my parents, it was apparent that they had certain expectations of how a wedding should be and they did not match ours.

I hate the word normally or traditionally, as I do not want to follow everyone else’s decisions just because of social norms. When we first started planning the wedding, we thought about having a pub wedding, a cozy one. But due to family members who needed disability access it was difficult to find in pub settings.

We started hunting for venues and it was clear when we walked into Cooling Castle Barn that it was the perfect venue for us. But we did not want it like everyone else had ever had it before.

It has always been set up with circular tables but we were adamant that we wanted banquet style tables. Initially, we were shot down by the venue. They stated that circular tables were more sociable but we were still really passionate about banquet tables. My Mum was not keen on the idea either but we kept badgering and badgering until eventually we was given the go ahead for straight tables from the venue.

We did not have a top table. We really wanted to be among our parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen. We did not want to be segregated from the guests. I loved sitting in the middle of everyone being able to mingle when I wanted to. Mum was really not keen on this. She did not understand why we were having a big wedding and yet we did not want to sit on the top table. But I think once the day came she really understood my vision. We did have a top table for our cake, post box, flip flops and other little wedding accessories.

We had online invites. Yep. We did. It was so easy. Long are the days when you have everyone’s addresses. It was much easier for us and we was able to keep track of what everyone wanted. It was much easier for guests to let us know their menu choices as well.

Miles is not a full suit kinda man and he really did not want the whole suit image. He looked absolutely amazing in his roll neck and jacket. His groomsmen wore the same (jacket and roll neck) but in a different tone of grey. My Page boys and Milo (2nd best man) wore the same kind of thing too. They looked so amazing!!!

As soon as I thought about the bridesmaids’ dresses, I knew I wanted them to all wear different dresses. I didn’t want the traditional same dress for everyone as I thought it looks more effective when they were different. Also, all of the adult bridesmaids had different figures and I was able to pick different style dresses for different figures. To be honest, I ordered the dresses for the bridesmaids and told them what dress was for them. Thankfully they all liked their dresses, but of course if they didn’t I would have changed their dresses. The children wore the same dresses for the simple reason that I did not want any arguments!

Our flowers, or should I say lack of flower. We did not want anything too perfect looking. Although our venue looked amazing we wanted it to look wild. We think it worked really well with the banquet style tables too!!

I was not too particular about the girls and their make-ups. I wanted them to be confident and comfortable with their image. I picked their hairstyles and wanted them to all look individual. They looked truly beautiful. Thank you Holly and Emily for making us look amazing. I went for red lips and red nails for the wedding day. I always feel confident with red lips and I think it really matches my blonde hair. It was a risky move in the sense of it lasting but my amazing makeup artist smothered my lips and it stayed on so well!

I did a speech- yeah you read it right. I did the speech instead of Miles and I am so happy I did. Thank you Miles for letting me as I feel that I really wanted to voice my voice to you and the guests.

The end result of the wedding was exactly how I had imagined it to be. I am so pleased that we did it our way instead of trying to match anyone else’s expectations apart from our own. It was a truly amazing day and I can not wait to see the wedding video and wedding pictures!!

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