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I have composed a list of some features that I implement whilst I plan, create and post a blog. I hope this answers all of the questions you have been asking me. If I have missed anything out please do not hesitate to message me.

Consistency– Ensure that when you begin a blog you are going to be able to keep up with the demands of it. If you promise your readers you are going to post once a week, make sure you do so. Do not make any promises you can not keep.If you only plan on positing once a month, that is fine along as your readers are aware of this.

Organisation- Try to make a blog plan, about when you are going to post about certain topics (eg. xmas, halloween) and make blog drafts for these so that they are ready and waiting for you to write in. I try to make a blog plan for the following month or two and I also make drafts of many blogs I post. This way I know I have something to post even if I have been rushed off my feet or if I am ill.

Imagery- When necessary, use imagery but when it is not necessary or if you do not have complimenting imagery try not to adult anything apart from the feature images. I know this can be so difficult when you need to promote your blog on instagram etc. I am guilty of using irrelevant pictures sometimes but generally I try to make sure pictures align with the content.  Try not to use blurry pictures, actually no don’t use blurry pictures at all.

Get google analytics- This allows you to keep up to date with your engagement. Where your readers are from, their gender, bounce rate and so on. It is so interesting I check mine daily.

Promotion- I know at the beginning of my blogging life, I was a little bit nervous about preaching about my blog. But promotion is important. Again google analytics allows you to see where your audience are coming from (Facebook, instagram etc). I proudly tell people I am a blogger now.

Honesty- Being honest is the most crucial thing for me. When I read a blog and everything is perfect and unnatural I just think REALLYYYY???? like seriously???? (Bullshit comes to mind)

Content- Of course, my blog is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but neither may your blog be my cup of tea. That is ok. My dad says my blog is a load of old waffle but that does not offend me. I know that my work will not please all. The thing I make sure is when I am writing a blog, or thinking about a potential blog is: would i like to read this? and not if the blogger was my friend. But would I read a strangers (that I had no emotional ties) blog aout this topic. If it is a yes, then I go ahead with it. If the answer is a no, then i just save it and let it rest for a while

Stay Loyal to yourself- I have seen some blogs and instagrams that have started at around the same time as me and have way more followers than me. But the key is, stay loyal to you. Do not do what other people are doing because you think they are doing better than you by the amount of followers they have. We are all guilty about wanting more and it never being enough. Be happy about where your started and where you are now.

Get a logo- Get a logo, if you know someone who is good with the computer, or if you are. This is important as you can use it across different social networking sites and also you can use it as a watermark for photos.

Explore- Yes of course, you think your blog is awesome, why else would you be writing it? But explore and connect with other bloggers. You can take tips and ideas form other people, it is not copying, it is learning.

I hope this has helped some of your questions, if you have any others please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lots Of love

Educating Mummy


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