Back to university

So I have just gone back to university and the feeling is bitter sweet. Whilst I love studying and getting fresh stationary, Oscar is only twenty weeks old and I feel so guilty and worried leaving my little bundle of joy. Admittedly, when I initially applied to my MA I underestimated how little Oscar would be. I have considered deferring until a year later but I fortunately got 75% scholarship of which I can not defer. So I have decided to stick to the plan.

Despite the fact that I studied psychology modules in my undergrad, my MA is solely psychology so it is a lot more in depth. I am going to be having lessons in the laboratories of which I have not done since secondary school, I have new class mates of whom I do not know of at all. To be honest I am already finding this new experience all so daunting of which I did not expect. Also, I am beginning to question my own academic ability in comparison to my cohort as the majority of my class are older (and wiser, apparently). When I applied for this MA I was given false information that it I would need to attend lessons one day a week however, now I need to attend three days a week. Luckily some days are shorter than others but my commute is averagely two hours each way so it does not make it any easier.

Whilst I am extremely lucky that Oscar is being looked after by M and my Mum whilst I am at university. I love routines and things done my way. Of course Miles and I have consistent rules and parenting ways but my Mum on the other hand is a little more lapse. We all know how it is, Nannys are normally a lot less strict and they always let their grandchildren do things they would not have let their own children do. Nevertheless, I am forever grateful for the support my Mum provides us with and I love the fact that my children have a lovely bond with their Nanny.

Thankfully the duration of my MA is only a year. Even though I am aware that my course is extremely intense and in order to complete it, I need to put in a lot of home study. Hopefully I can enjoy my MA and manage to complete the course as I did with my undergrad. If you have just started a course of a similar topic it would be cool to talk and help each other out! If you have children, stay strong and keep going!! It is all for them.

Good luck and enjoy!



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