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Why instagramming is not easy….

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It looks fancy when you put ad or gifted, you get shit for free and it super easy!! NOT TRUE! I just wanted to clear up some perceptions of influencing. I hate that word to be honest. I once had it in my Instagram bio and felt a little proud to have it there but […]


English as a second language.


Living in London and teacher training in schools within London has made me realise how many children have English as a second language (EAL). Now, as an adult having the ability to speak more than one language is really looked at as an advantage. We look at those with the ability to speak more than […]


Update: Educating Mummy

So I looked back at my last blog. I posted it 2 months ago. I was gobsmacked to be honest. I have had a break, so I thought I would give ya all a little update. Studying I am finishing my ten week placement to complete my PGCE. Truth be told, I don’t want to […]


How I stay happy on Instagram..

Sorry for the blogging break, I have been busy with Milo and the honest part of me needs to tell you that I totally had a bloggers block. There are some topics I really want to speak about on here but I am not ready just yet. Every time I thought about writing a blog […]


Growing up in London

I have always lived in London so I have not known anything else! I’d say growing up in London can be tough. Depending on where you live I suppose. We used to live in Peckham on an estate and then we did a transfer to just out of Peckham (we was council) which would be […]



We was fortunate enough to be gifted a family ticket for Camp Bestival this year which is situated in Dorset (around 3 hours from London) and we are so gratfeul. I was a little apprehensive about taking Oscar because it was going to be the first time he had stayed in a tent and also […]


Potty training

Just a little blog to speak about our potty training experience with Oscar so far. Not to blow our own trumpet but is is going really well but to be honest it was not expected. We started potty training at the beginning of June, two weeks after Oscar turned two. He started asking us to […]


hashtag gift and hashtag ad

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last few years you would have seen people on Instagram using hash tags that read gifted and ad. I hope this does not come across patronising but I know some people do not get why and how these occur so I wanted to collaborate with […]


Is blogging a ‘proper’ job?

I started blogging in July 2016. It has been nearly two years now and to be honest I am a little shocked and quite proud that I have committed myself to this! Whilst I never expected to have the amount of followers I have, I am very very grateful for the support and love of […]


Living with a travelling partner!

Jade and Jade Cover

This week I have teamed up with two lovely ladies. Firstly, we have Jayde Chorlton, a mother to two beautiful twin boys and secondly, Jade Arif a mother to four happy children and expecting another one later on this year!!  A three way collaboration is pretty amazing too as you can gather different opinions and […]