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So by checking my Google Analytics, I know that the majority (90%) of you reading this on your phone. Which is also what I do with most other peoples blogs, you tube videos and so on.

But how many times do you look at your phone a day?

A few months back I was asked to take part in an experiment to find that out but due to other commitments  I had to decline. But this got me thinking. Just how many times do I check my phone? I have been rather conscious about it since I was invited to the experiment but it is only now that I am really interested to find out if you guys are the same.

I reckon that everyone looks at their phone a lot more than they think they do. I reckon that most people have their phone in their hand or near to them throughout the entire day. Whilst I have been writing this I have already checked my phone twice. To be honest I do not know why I do it. Because in a few minutes not much has changed.

 When I have posted a picture or blog of course I check how much love it is getting. But why do I need to watching it filtering through? Would it not be more satisfying going to the picture two hours after it is posted?

My point is that we are all glued to our phones. I know it is not just me. When we go raving, we are showing everyone about it all when they are tucked up in bed. When our kids are having their first trip on the swings we are snapping it ‘first time on the swings today’. When we are out for dinner our food has turned cold because we are taking 100’s of photos. We aimlessly scroll through different apps constantly and are rarely faced with anything new because we only refreshed our pages ten minutes ago. We flick from app to app and we get annoyed with ourselves for doing it.

I am guilty of all of the above! For sure. When having this discussion with people. They will say yeah but Lauren you are a blogger etc you have to be on your phone. Well technically no I don’t. I blog yes. But not through my phone. Of course promotion is through my phone but as I said prior. Why do we need to check the update of a new post, new blog, new song immediately. Why cant we check it later?

I think I need to check my phone for emails, but really I could just check them in the evening and respond them. Does the connection need to be instant? In the society we live in, it apparently does.

I challenge you all to try to look at your phone once an hour starting tomorrow (as I know we all like to start things on Monday’s)!

I know what you are all thinking. That’s going to be piss easy. But trust me I tried for a few days whilst at university and it was tough. I am going to do it again starting tomorrow too!

I know I am going to get a smart ass comment like once an hour. “I could constantly look at my phone for the whole hour”. You haven’t specified.

Specifications:  So that’s once an hour, no double dipping. No coming off one App going to another and returning to the first to see if anything else has happened (trust me its the same as the last time you checked). Update your feeds, reply to your emails as needed. No dilly dallying. Check your likes, comments, blog messages etc and come off. Put it down for another hour.

Can you do it?

Let me know how you get on

Educating Mummy


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    • Huglori
    • July 30, 2017

    I can’t do it! I admit it, I’m hooked on social media. I get ALL of my news online. ALL of my friends are online. I don’t have to be engaged on social media every minute, but I must be able to peek every half hour or so.

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