Affordable dates for Valentines!

So it is valentines day tomorrow! I can understand that as we have only had one pay since Christmas sometimes valentines has to take a back seat. However, that does not mean that you can not celebrate it. There are many affordable outings and fun things to do over valentines. It does not have to cost an arm and a leg. I have composed a list of things you can do with your partner, a lot revolving around food (surprise surprise) Hope it helps.

  1. Chicken Shop Date– if you are from South London, you will recognise the chicken branch ‘Morleys’. They have swtiched up their menu and are taking booking! Yes, you heard it. Bookings! Buttermilk biscuit and wings, chicken and waffles and a deconstructed apple pie for £20! For bookings contact the email on the picture below!
  2. A trip to the cinema– I know there are a few new films out including Sing and Fifty Shades Darker. We particularly like going to Picture house cinemas as they have very comfortable chairs, smaller and more intimate screens as well as yummy snacks and ice-cream !
  3. A dessert restaurant– What more could you want than a delicious waffle, topped with Oreo ice-cream, sprinkled with extra Oreo with a side of Oreo milkshake! Can you tell I am Oreo obsessed? It might be romantic to share a waffle as they are really big and sickly or you could jusy eat it all and feel sick like I do lol. We like to visit Kaspa’s and Cremes.
  4. Trip to One tree Hill in SE23– The views are lovely at the top of the hill even though the stairs are very steep so of course not easily accessible. I have walked Oscar up in my carrier and it was tough. Take some prosecco and some snacks to enjoy the view (oh and maybe a blanket).
  5. Netflix and chill– You do not have to go out for valentines. There are so many programmes to watch at the moment. I have just watched ‘designated survivor’, which was amazing and really gripping. Also ‘How to get away with murder’ it is a drama about law students and their journies of solving cases, and well I can not say anymore as I may ruin it for you!
  6. Pokemon Hunting– so Pokemon Go have a special event on for valentines. If you are a loyal supporter (like me) and are still trying to catch all the pokemon. You could go for a long walk (or drive, as the passenger of course) with your partner. The event includes, double candy for any action you do, more spawns for pink pokemon (Chancey, Clefairy and Porgyon) and lastly your lures will now last six hours! If you do not believe me, google it!

  1. Bowling– Keeping it lighthearted with the buff bowling shoes! Remember it is about taking part that counts, I do not want to be responsible for any valentines rows.

  1. Afternoon Tea– As you can notice, I love to eat. There are many places that offer afternoon tea. I particularly love Lavender Cafe in Kent. We normally book to attend however, it is small. There is also a little play area outside for the children!

  1. Cook at home– Get someone to have the kids and get the person who does not usually cook to cook the dinner, or in other words, get a take away. What ever it is, eat and chill.

  1. Nandos, I saw one time that a lady was so annoyed for being taken to Nandos on a first date! I would not complain and even better if I have a whole free chicken! Winner,winner, chicken dinner lol

I know some of my options may be comical to some of you but I am just suggesting that valentines does not always need to be about going to a fine dining restaurant. It is acceptable to eat at places that you love and visit regularly. It is about spending time with your partners, not about where you go.


Lots of Love




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