A private life?

A private life? Is there such a thing? Are you an advocate of one? I guess that the majority of my followers have social networking but I know that some will be open accounts and yet some will be private.

What does the word private mean to you? Do we, as parents have to have closed accounts? The point I am getting at is that sometimes parents such as myself are on the back burner for posting their children on their socials because they have an open profile. I used to have a private account. But now looking back and evaluating my peers, I know now that actually private accounts are not often that private.

I mean, how many of you reading this are actually following me right now? You may not follow me for numerous reasons yet you still watch what I am up to. This is defiantly just as possible when you have a closed profile. I personally thing that even if your account is private your pictures are still getting screenshot’d and sent to multiple group chats on whats app. Or maybe even shown to work colleagues “Look at this girl” “How cute are these kids”.

How many people have you accepted who you kind of know, or maybe met once at someones party or even someone you met when you was a kid.

The point I am getting to is just simply that I have been advised to put all of my socials private because I am becoming a teacher. I am planning on teaching early years and whilst I know that I highly doubt my students will be able to google my name etc I know that parents may. I have nothing to hide and I have taken time to build my blogger/Instagram profile. Why should I go from enjoying building a good rapport with you all and now I have to put my account to private.

Let’s turn the tables. Does that mean that parents should also have their accounts on private. Why is it acceptable for parents to share their lifestyle openly on their social media yet, the people who teach children during the day time are somehow penalised for sharing their lifestyle. Are parents not meant to be responsible too? Or is it only teachers that need to act professional at all times?

I speak about my educational journey, I like to speak about child’s development, fashion and just my general lifestyle. I do not see why that is bad. I am stuck with this dilemma. Are any of you teachers or had any experiences with this?

I would love to know.

Educating Mummy





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  1. Reply

    I’m not a teacher but I have a few friends who are, along with some who are police officers! All of them have had to make their accounts private AND change their names, may it be just showing their first and middle name, a completely different surname or reverting back to their maiden names! If you were private, parents can still friend request you on Instagram under an alias of some sorts so you’d have to heavily vet your friend requests too! Which is madness!!

    I hope you get it sorted!


    • Jordyn
    • October 3, 2017

    You shouldn’t have to stop your life because of your job. You are a teacher who just so happens to have a very popular blog. As a teacher myself there are always the long talks about social media and what to do. I understand keeping an air of professionalism but do we as real people really need to hide who we are. If you want to post about your life, your children then go ahead. At the end of the day it’s your life. We have to remember that you are your own person and have every right to express yourself how you see fit. If parents can snap a picture of the first day of school and post it to Instagram then who are them to say you can’t just because your the teacher. As long as no rules or regulations are not broken I don’t see why keeping your Instagram public is a bad thing.

    • Anonymous ish
    • October 4, 2017

    It’s a subjective matter. If you as a teacher or even a parent in general have that urge inside of you wanting to go private then go for it. If you on the other hand only have other people commenting on your lifestyle and your choices of wanting to be a bit more public then ignore it. Just do whatever that feels right for you and your beautiful family! (:

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