3 minute makeup challenge


Most days that I am at home I do not wear makeup as quite simply I do not have time. Well, when I say I do not have time what I mean is that I am not a woman that wants to set their alarm clock for before the kids wake up to put makeup on. When I say this, I am not being rude or mean towards these women, actually quite the opposite. I ENVY YOU! I have tried, oh I have tried to wake up early to put my make up on. But I always end up snoozing my alarm, favouring extra sleep over looking beautiful! I also try to kid myself that the main reason I do not set my alarm to do my makeup is because if I wake up early, the kids might hear me and my mission will be a complete failure.

The kids will be up extra early and I will still look butters lol.

Anyways so most days that I am with the family, I do not wear makeup. However, if I know I am going to an obvious destination that I know I will see someone I know, I have to put make up on (shallow?). I am not a pro at my makeup but when I put it on I like to at least try (whats the saying? All the gear and no idea). Anywho, Milo used to ask me and ask me “How long until your ready Mum” and I would give a  typical mum reply “I’ll be two seconds” knowing that actually I still have my brows and eyelashes to do.

Eventually Milo got so fed up, he devised a three minute makeup challenge for me. It is quite self explanatory, I have three minutes to do my makeup. Yeh, you read right. 3 MINUTES! The first few times, this was a little bit of fun. I would do my makeup, very very rushed. No contouring (attempted) and no eyebrows (that were visible). But now, Milo lives by it. Do not tell him, but sometimes I do my eyebrows before I say I am going to do my make up so this way I do not have an extra large forehead (fellow blonde hair readers will understand). And sometimes I will even apply some tinted moisturiser before hand too (cheater I know).

I usually manage to get my foundation, blusher, mascara and eyeliner applied in three minutes. Mind you sometimes Milo feels extra generous and gives me an extra three minutes and this is heavenly. However, if i complete my makeup in six minutes opposed to just three minutes. I do not get my prize (a sweet).

I am nervously but happily proud to let you know that my first Youtube video ‘Three minute makeup challenge’ is now live for you to watch. There will be no cheating, no contouring tricks and definitely no ‘fleeky’ eyebrows during the video. But there will an honest account of Milo and I undergoing the three minute challenge and furthermore, how to look semi-ok when going out without having to spend an hour on your face and more importantly boring the kids to insanity!

I hope you like it

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Lots of Love

LTB (and Milo)



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