17.02.18 – Our Wedding Day

It has been a month since we married and we have just received all of our photos. We are so pleased with all of them. We really wanted a natural photographer, someone we would not notice being around. We had very few staged photos which meant we really could enjoy most of the time with the guests and with each other. (Photo credits to Lisa Devlin)

My Mum, Dad, bridesmaids and I stayed at Cooling Castle the night before so it meant we did not need to do any travelling in the morning. Also, I was a little worried about my Dad getting there on time because he is always late. We all got our makeup and hair done. We had two makeup artists because there was quite a few of us (IG: Tashalouisetreacy and IG:lashandmakeup) and one hair stylist IG: emilyrosemoloney). Here is a few pictures of the big day (there are around 800 in total)

Milo was technically one of Miles’s groomsmen but he had to come into me to do his hair.

5/6 beautiful bridesmaids getting ready! Their gowns were from Boohoo.

Two of my little bridesmaids relaxing with their hair pinned!

Milo getting dressed into his outfit. His Jacket was from Next. Turtle neck is from Mango, trousers from River Island and Shoes from Boohoo.

Miles posing in his outfit. Jacket is from House Of Fraser and his turtle neck is from United Colours of Benetton.

How beautiful are my nieces! We decided to go for glitzy party dresses and they loved them. Their dresses were from Zara and the shoes are from Next!

I decided to go for low Valentino rockstar sandals as I don’t dig really satin wedding shoes. They were so comfortable so if your looking for any shoes I would definitely recommend these!

I can not believe Oscar’s face completely cleared just before the wedding. I was feeling very stressed that he was going to be really sore. Oscars entire outfit is from River Island!

How STUNNING are my bridesmaids? They all looked truly amazing. I was definitely not a bride who wanted my bridesmaids to look ugly or not as nice as me. I wanted them all to look truly amazing and they did. I hunted down their dresses for months. I ordered 5/6 dresses from ASOS and the lady on the end to the right of the picture, her dress was from House of Fraser. I really loved how all of their dresses complemented each other. I thought about their figures and considered all of their best parts and the parts they disliked. As for the hair styles. I chose those. If you notice there was three hair styles all together. Two of them wore the same one. I tried to make it that one of them in a sparkly dress matched the hair style of a non sparkly dress.

Miles waiting at the alter for me with his best man.

Whilst we were getting  ready to walk down. Nothing is easy when you have four little bridesmaids and four little boys to organise. Harley was meant to be walking down the aisle with Milo but he did not want to on the day and Oscar was meant to be walking down the aisle with Lily (the girls hand he is holding) but he had completely different ideas.

I really did not mind Oscar walking down the aisle with me. He wanted to hold my hand. Happy baby means a happy Mummy.

My lovely Milo gave us our rings. We tried to incorporate him into a lot of the day. He shook everyones hand during the receiving line too!

We opted for a very green foliage wedding and we loved the outcome.

We was so lucky with the weather. The week leading up to the wedding it was raining and then the week after too! We had sunshine all day long.

So if you look closely, I have buttons running down the back of my dress. These were not there when I first tried on the dress. I tweaked certain things on my dress such as the buttons, extra appliqué onto my chest area and also appliqué onto the back of my dress. Its your wedding day, if you want it you can have it!

I could not stop smiling!

This was the only time we had a chance to get a picture with the four of us! (Milo was happy btw, he was doing his model pose lol).

The groomsmen jackets were also from House Of Fraser!. How Awesome do they all look?

Our lovely parents.

I love the natural shots!

I did a speech!

We had a ‘naked’ cake. We really did not want a cake with icing on purely because I do not like it! If you look in the back ground you will see we supplied flip flops for people for the evening. The guests loved it!

I was actually so nervous about our first dance. Some people may not know but I actually don’t like all of the attention on me. Whereas Miles, loves it (typical DJ). Anyways, it was not embarrassing or anything. Once we started dancing I did not even notice everyone standing around me.

My Mum and Dad having a boogie!!

My school girlfriends! In the evening I wore a hair garland when I took my veil off to tye in with the whole party! I’d loved it..

My little page boy Harley having a nap on Auntie Ceri’s shoulder!

We put all of the children sitting together. They had a blast!

Cheers to an amazing wedding. It could not of been any more perfect than it was! We loved and enjoyed every second of it! I can not wait for the wedding video now! Would you like to see it?

Lots of Love

Mrs. Mitchell-Brooks
















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