10 honest truths about having children

There is no idiots guide book to parenting. Everything is learned from your parents, your morals and your values. Sometimes parenting can be tough but it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do. Oscar is now sixteen weeks and I have been thinking a lot about being a parent, how magical, funny and great it is. I have combined a list of the ten things that stand out to me the most about being a parent.

1. Dads are parents too- When the Dad goes out with his mates, everyone assumes Mum has the children. But when Mum goes out, everyone asks ” Is dad babysitting tonight?”. No he is not baby sitting, he is being a Dad.

2.Your friend circle becomes smaller- Despite the fact that when you announce your pregnancy, you will have numerous long lost friends trying to rekindle their friendship with you, your circle of friends may become smaller. When you first have your baby, your friend counter may seem high but do not be fooled by the amount of texts and pleas for visits you receive. After a few weeks, the hype with settle and only your true friends will remain, bombarding you with questions about you and the baby 24/7. They will expect updates, regular pictures and baby dates to ensure they are kept within the loop and of course because they genuinely care and love you.

3. You will do things you said you never would- To name a few- No dummy, I am not bottle feeding, rocking your baby to sleep, use the grandparents as an alternative to nursery, give baby jarred food, sleep with your baby, shout, scream, give your children squash, give them an I pad or I phone at the dinner table, using technology as a babysitter while you make the dinner, leave your new baby with an older sibling, no McDs, no processed food, no Chocolate, help a spider escape while you act brave.

4.You gain interpreter skills- When your children get to around two years old, you think they are fluent in speaking until a stranger speaks to them and you have to translate everything they say back.

5. Your children are the teachers, you are the pupil- When you have children, you learn so much about yourself and the world around you. My children have taught me my patience levels, the ability to multi task, how to compromise and also how to sympathise more. It always astounds me when Milo returns from school and teaches me something in French or when he educates me about the reverse retina we all have in our eyes. However, sometimes Milo becomes a total know it all and he tries to tell me stuff that is completely not true. For example, Milo has tried to convince me on various occasions that the number on lamp posts (that are actually number plates, I’ve researched this) are phone numbers.

6. You will become a secret eater- I always sneakily eat biscuits and sweets when I am making dinner and Milo is playing in his room. I eat all of the things that I tell Milo are not good for him (hypocrite). Sometimes I get away with it but other times Milo has FIB hearing and manages to hear the tiniest sound of a wrapper from his room.

7. You will question your parenting- Sometimes I question my parenting, maybe too much. Do I want to be the permissive parent who provides lots of love with few boundaries and low demands? Or do I want to be the authoritative parent who also provides lots of love, with fair discipline and higher demands?

8. You will feel guilt- I often find myself feeling guilty about the things I feel I should or should not be doing. When completing my access course in 2012, I felt like an awful Mother leaving Milo at nursery. I am already feeling guilty about going back to do my Masters because Oscar is young and I worry that he may resent me when I am older. All I keep telling myself is another few years and I will be qualified and then my children will reap the benefits.

9. You begin to sound like your parents- There has been so many times I cringe at myself for sounding like my parents. “Do not swing on your chair, you are going to fall back” “if the wind changes your face will stay like that” “don’t laugh when I am talking to you” ” do you want to go to bed” “Don’t put your legs in your t shirt” ” I am calling Santa”

10.You will climb over mountains- When you have children you will do anything for them. You love them, encourage and protect them against anything. Having children is the most magical feeling. I love being a parent it is the best thing about me.

There are definitely more points that could of been added but I did not want to go on and on. I’d love to know your honest truths about being a parent. Comment below or contact me.

Lots of love

Educating Mummy xxx






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