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The silent ones

3 months ago

If you’ve followed me on the gram you would have known we had been trying for a baby. It took us 3 months to fall pregnant. We found out when we were 3 weeks plus 4 days. Really early I know. We were eager. And my periods were always on time so I knew when […]


I’m back and I’m better

4 months ago

Hey guys, I have been absent on here. My blog. The place I started. The place, I have voiced a lot of things. Very personal things. My opinions and lots more. I’ve wanted to write on here for a while now but I often wonder if what I want to say is too little for […]



7 months ago

I put out a poll on Instagram asking if your children did chores. Two thirds of you stated that your children did chores and one third of you stated that your children did not. Some people messaged me stating that their children did not do chores because they are children and should not be responsible […]